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Remote access options

Web interface (remote access)
Sometimes you want to urgently shutdown or restart your computer when you are away. There are a lot of remote control utilities that allows you to manipulate your computer remotely. Some of them require installation on client computer, some has web interface but runs as ActiveX controls that usually disabled by security policy in many organizations and also could not be used on most mobile phones. Airytec Switch Off allows you to shutdown or restart your PC remotely from any computer of mobile phone with just web browser installed.

Follow this steps to enable remote shutdown or restart on your PC:
  • Start Airytec Switch Off (if not already running)
  • Enable web interface
    • Right click Airytec Switch Off icon in notification area
    • Click Options
    • Click Remote tab
    • Check Enable web interface
    • Change port number (optional)
    • Enter password (optional but highly recommended)
    • Click OK
  • Ensure that web interface is accessible by starting web browser and entering address: http://localhost:8000. If you have changed the port number when enabling web interface you should replace 8000 with yours.
  • Now if your PC is connected to the internet you can shutdown it from any other computer or mobile phone with web browser installed.
Note 1: When connecting to your PC from other computer or mobile phone, you should change localhost in address above to your external IP address so it looks like:
Note 2: Your internet service provider (ISP) could probably change your external IP address from time to time. If so you could try assign a static name to your PC using DynDns or similar services.
Note 3: Do not forget to open incoming port on your router if you have one.

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