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Airytec is a computer software foundation focused on lightweight "Airy" software. It was known previously as YaSoft.
Airytec is the home of Switch Off lightweight utility that will shutdown your PC automatically or remotely from any computer or mobile phone.

What does it mean "Lightweight software"?

Generaly Lightweight software means that it has small size and system resource requirements.
But there are more criteria that could be applied to this term. Let's take a look at them:

Low system resource requirements

First of all lightweight software should have low system resource requirements. Of cource some kinds of software like graphic editors could require lots or RAM, but if a program utilizes significaly less memory than other programs with same features it could be considered as lightweight.

Small distributive size

It is obviously that it is better when distributive size is small. User needs less time for program to download and less space to store it. But some programs could come with large clipart and media libraries. Even so program could be considered as lightweigh if it has several distributive with different sizes so user could choose what fits his needs best.


Lightweight program should install easily. It should ask user as minimum questions as possible but could allow advanced setup for an expert. Silent install option for batch installing will be a big plus.


At the same time watch waterproof performance, performance and fake watches hands of users. Therefore, Senator distinguished watches are not hublot rolex only accurate but also reliable.
User interface of lightweight software should be intuitive and easy-to-use so user could find required options fast and refer to documentation as rare as possible..



Totally free

Starting with version 3.5 Switch off is totally free for any use either personal or business.

Switch Off 3.5

Major update features installer improvements (languages, safe uninstall) and fixes few bugs.

Switch Off 3.4.2

New version adds latest OS support, fixes web ui bug and false malware warnings.

Switch Off 3.4.1 (service release)

Updated version is available for download. This service release adds event logging capability and fixes some bugs.