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Calculate your power saving and submit your results

Airytec is committed to the Environment. Since emergence Airytec Switch Off is providing power saving capabilities allowing to shutdown your computer when it is not needed. Since Switch Off version 3.3 you could calculate power saving and carbon dioxide emission reduction. Also you could publish your score on Airytec Website to encourage others to start reducing their PCs power consumption to cut electricity bills and save the Environment.
In order to start reducing your PC power consumption and submit your score to Airytec web site you need to:
  • Install Airytec Switch Off (if not already installed)
  • Start using Switch Off power saving features, e.g. schedule automatic computer shutdown, shutdown PC remotely, and so on.
  • Watch your power saving counter grow. Right click Airytec Switch Off icon in notification area. Choose About...
  • Publish your score by clicking Publish my score button
Power saving calculator